Talking to your eye doctor is the most important step in choosing a DME treatment option that is right for you. The following information can help you get the conversation started.

What is a retina specialist?

Retina specialists are ophthalmologists (medical doctors) who specialize in diagnosing eye diseases in the back of the eye. These experts can help treat a wide range of eye conditions, including DME. Retina specialists work in eye clinics and hospitals, and they are an important asset to your overall vision care.

A retina specialist may perform a full eye exam and ask you several questions to help determine the best course of treatment for you. You can ask questions as well.

Questions To Ask

Here are some questions to ask your eye doctor:

  • How does diabetes affect diabetic macular edema (DME)?
  • Are there steps I can take to help slow the progression of DME?
  • How does recurring DME affect my vision?
  • What are my options for treating DME and improving my vision?
  • I have had diabetes for ___ year(s). Will this affect DME treatment types available to me?
  • How can I reduce the number of eye injections I currently receive?