Choosing an appropriate DME treatment is not always stress free. Paying for it should be. That’s why the ILUVIEN AccessPlus Program offers a range of financial assistance options that may help cover your specific needs.

ILUVIEN AccessPlus Financial Assistance Services

If your eye doctor prescribes ILUVIEN, AccessPlus Financial Assistance Services may be able to help find options to assist you with your out-of-pocket costs.*

ILUVIEN CoPay Program

The ILUVIEN CoPay Program provides copay assistance for eligible, commercially insured patients with out-of-pocket costs that exceed $25.†

  • To apply for the ILUVIEN CoPay Program, you or your eye doctor can contact AccessPlus and choose option 3 when calling 1-844-445-8843.

ILUVIEN Patient Assistance Program

We’re here to help you embrace all of life’s amazing moments. The ILUVIEN Patient Assistance Program can provide FREE treatment for qualified uninsured and rendered uninsured patients. Apply today.‡

  • Complete the ILUVIEN Patient Assistance Program application with your eye doctor.
  • If you are determined eligible, you and your eye doctor will receive an approval letter indicating that you may proceed with scheduling your injection appointment.

Independent Financial Assistance Foundations

You always have options in life. That includes paying for appropriate DME treatment. Independent Financial Assistance Foundations are independent entities that provide financial assistance for patients insured by a government payer.

Contact AccessPlus today to learn more.

Call 1-844-445-8843 (option 3)

*Limitations apply. Payment assistance programs are for qualified insured and uninsured patients who are eligible for ILUVIEN.

†Limitations apply. The ILUVIEN CoPay Program does not apply to patient cost sharing for the injection procedure, diagnostic tests, or other costs associated with ILUVIEN treatment.

‡Limitations apply. The ILUVIEN Patient Assistance Program does not provide assistance for the injection procedure, diagnostic tests, or other costs associated with the administration of ILUVIEN.