Living with vision loss caused by DME can be an emotional experience for a loved one. Any support you provide them may be greatly appreciated. The following are some suggestions of ways you may be able to help.

Details matter

If your loved one has low vision, you can help by doing the following in his or her home:

  • Declutter: Remove and/or pick up any items on the floor that could be a danger to your loved one.
  • Make space: Space out furniture so there is ample room for your loved one to maneuver.
  • Be practical: Consider labeling kitchen items with white tape and a black marker, or self-adhesive labels with large print.

Think big

If a loved one has vision problems due to DME, there are multiple ways to help make life easier until he or she can get the appropriate treatment. For example:

  • Electronics: Look for devices with large buttons and numbers.
  • Reading: Find books, newspapers, crossword puzzles, etc. that have extra-large type.
  • Audiobooks: Tell your loved one that he or she may enjoy this entertainment experience because it does not require any major visual activity.
  • Computer settings: Research the various accessibility features on computers and laptops in your loved one’s home. Many computers are equipped with features that are specifically tailored for people with low vision and vision problems.

In addition, since DME symptoms may worsen over time, be sure your loved one is communicating with his or her eye doctor every step of the way.